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Reach - Windows Media is the most broadly distributed technology for watching webcasts. It,s preinstalled on most of the world,s computers.

Efficiency - The flip side of good performance is efficient encoding. Since webcasting has to be in real time, a faster codec means it can get more done on each frame of video, enabling it to deliver better quality in fewer bits.

Presentation Synchronization - Real Time Presentation Synchronization with Live and on-demand Webcast.

Login Page - Login Page will be customized as per clients details.
a) Simple Login Page.
b) Login Page with Common Password.
c) Generate Password by User.
d) Password will be verified with client database.

Live Webcast with Chat - Digital Infomedia Solution provides chat facility at the time of Live Webcast.
a) Viewer can ask their question/massage in below Chat Box.
b) User friendly administration options displayed in a tabbed format.
c) All Questions would be Moderate by Moderator.
d) Moderator has authority to edit and delete the questions.
e) Viewer will get answer of their Question in Video/Audio Format.

Poll and Feedback Options - When adding or modifying polls you have a lot of options available to suit your needs.

Maximum votes per user - Under the Option fields, you'll notice the Poll Option field, with the "Maximum votes per user" by line. If you would like voters to be able to vote more than once in a poll, add the desired number of maximum votes per voter.

Run the poll for X days - If you would like the poll to end or expire in X amount of days, enter an integer in the Run the poll for X days field. If you leave this field blank, there will be no limit to how long the poll will run.

Show the polls results to anyone - Select this option if you want anyone (members/guests) to view the poll results.

Only show the results after someone has voted - Select this option to show the polls results only after a member has voted. Only registered members may vote in polls.

Only show the results after the poll has expired - Select this option if you want to show the polls results only after the poll has expired. For this option to be available you must have changed the Run the poll for X days field to an integer above zero.

Update Panel - Update panel is one kind of news flash, which is used at the time of Live Webcast and It will very help full to deliver important massages at the time of Live Event. Massages will be deliver in form of text and Moderator can edit or modify massages any time at the time of Live Webcast.

Live Webcast Delay - Buffers are an essential part of creating, delivering, and rendering streaming media content, enabling Windows Media components to provide a high-quality end-user experience. However, there are trade-offs. The larger the buffer size, the longer the broadcast delay. The default buffer time values in Windows Media components balance quality and delay for most situations.